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ANH VU Co., Ltd

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ANH VU Co., Ltd
Viet Nam
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Name:Mr. HIEU NGUYEN CAO [Purchasing]
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Mobile Number:+84903935116
Phone Number:+84-8-62907780
Fax Number:+84-8-62907794
Address:239/67/156 Tran Van Dang 11 ward 3 district
Ho Chi Minh 77900, ho chi minh
Viet Nam
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Registration Date:Jul. 19, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 19, 2010
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Energy category

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Anh Vu is leader supply Mobil - Shell - Citgo lubricants for passenger car, vehice truck, motor-cycle and marine, industrial lubricants. Important fully synthetic lubricants of Mobil 1, Mobil synthetic lubricant for industrial at Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnamese

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